The Flavor of Tradition
Unforgettable gastronomic memories and experiences
Quality and Authenticity
Our Kitchen
The highest quality raw materials, 'food made on the spot' and passion for what we do define Bica dos Cavalos. From the wonderful Bacalhau à Lagareiro to our Alentejo Black Pork, our delicious Beef, and of course, our beautiful Portuguese Migas.
Acorn-fed Alentejo Pork
Our Black Pork
We want to introduce Lisbon to our wonderful Black Pig. Raised freely, naturally in the Alentejo meadows, and fed mostly on acorns. A breed that presents a greater capacity for intramuscular fat infiltration, giving the meat unique unctuousness and texture, as well as unmistakable flavor and aroma.
Pata Negra
1. Bochechas
2. Presa
3. Plumas Extra
4. Plumas
5. Secretos Extra
6. Secretos
7. Abanicos
8. Lombinhos
9. Entrecosto
10. Lagartos
11. Churrasco
12. Lombo
13. Cachaço
14. Presunto
15. Paleta
Our historic building
The Tower
Located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Lisbon, in Alfama, in a historic building and national monument, the Bica dos Cavalos Tower that is over 700 years old. A space that is as classic as it is contemporary, which gives it a unique and elegant atmosphere.
Historic Building

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